Jessica Lundy is on a mission to help millions of people achieve success while prioritizing their mental health.

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Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Author

Jessica Lundy is a former award-winning TV host turned international keynote speaker, who's determined to help people live their best lives by adopting a winning mindset.


Success Strategies

Explore goal-setting strategies to turn dreams into reality and establish the patterns that will allow you to achieve more now and into the future

Jessica Lundy is an international motivational speaker

Mental Health

Develop coping and thriving strategies related to success, feeling isolated, being overwhelmed, and most importantly, how to manage stress and create positive affirmations and self-talk

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Burnout Prevention

Consider ways to empower others and delegate to enhance leadership success while reflecting on the inherent stressors and time management issues associated with leadership

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Wake Up and Win: Your Student Guide to Success will become your go-to guide to achieving better grades and accomplishing more goals in a shorter time and living the life you’ve always imagined. Each chapter provides action steps and a journaling section to help create a customized plan for your success.

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Proof of the power of attraction

As a personal development coach for over a decade, she has taught students winning strategies to be successful in every area of their lives. From winning her dream job after competing with over 1200 people to be a television host in a significant market to winning her honeymoon in beautiful Cancun, Mexico; Jessica is ready to teach you how to gain more clarity, supportive relationships, achievements, overall happiness, and success.

When she’s not speaking or coaching, you can find Jessica traveling the world (now virtually on YouTube) and watching the latest comedy special on Netflix with her husband.

Jessica has undeniable, charismatic energy. She is a natural in her delivery and intentional in her feedback. I was impressed with her ability to keep the audience readily engaged during a virtual corporate session on goal setting. Her methods of visualization are simple to implement & provide massive results.

Katrina Fuhrman

Global Communications Co-Chair
The Women’s Association of Verizon Employees​

Wake Up and Win - Student Edition

This audio affirmation will inspire students to have an incredible day. Listening to the audio everyday will lead to more focus in school, clarity, productivity, peace and happiness. Get your copy FREE today!

Motivational audio affirmations from keynote speaker Jessica Lundy

Jessica hit it out of the park. Our students are not normally students who like to share, but when it was time, they were raising their hands… and they shared things from the heart and that was so wonderful to see. We are so grateful for Jessica being here today.

Sarah Cooper

Northern Essex Community College

She was such an impactful speaker and really spoke to the power of self-care and how that can impact your leadership. 

Bret Clark

Iowa State University

It was inspiring. It helped us to all to not only think about our mental space but also reminding us that we can only pour from a cup that has something in it. Thank you so much for your help, we definitely recommend her.

Adriana Morris

Grand Rapids Community College

21-22 Speaker of the year

TV Host in a Top 10 Market

National Speakers Association Member

Mental Health First Aid Certified

Grant Recipient from Beyoncé and the NAACP

21-22 Speaker of the year

TV Host in a Top 10 Market

National Speakers Association Member

Mental Health First Aid Certified

Grant Recipient from Beyoncé and the NAACP